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Ladders & Steps.

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For up to 12 people

Who is this for?

Current users, supervisors and managers, business owners and buyers of equipment.

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Course Content.

Ladders look simple and some operators think common sense alone will get them by… but statistically inappropriate / incorrect use of ladders and stepladders contributes to an average of 14 deaths and 1,200 major injuries every year in the UK, and hefty fines for companies relying on common sense alone.

Course includes:

  • H&S Laws & Regulations – understanding your legal duty under the Work at Height Regulations 2005
  • Responsibilities of employers and employees
  • Determining if a ladder/step ladder is the right equipment to use using the 3 point ‘hierarchy of control’ risk assessment guide
  • How to choose the right ladder/step ladder for a task
  • Step by step guide of carrying out pre-use inspections, how often these must be done and who is responsible for them
  • How to use ladder/step-ladder safely to minimise risk – sensible safety precautions
  • Storage, maintenance and keeping kit safe and legal
  • Importance of issuing and using correct PPE, and step by step guide of how to inspect it
  • How to select the correct equipment for a task
  • Practical sessions throughout
  • Test paper/questions/ handouts and review
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