Health and Safety in the Construction Industry and why it urgently needs to improve

Last year, 30 individuals in the construction industry lost their lives at work. On top of this, 54,000 individuals experienced non-fatal injuries within this same industry1. Half of all injuries in the construction industry are caused by trips and falls, which sometimes are unavoidable. However, many of these can be avoided with the right knowledge and awareness of safety in the workplace.

Despite being able to reduce these alarming figures, many construction companies are still not ensuring that their staff are fully trained in health and safety procedures. In a study of around 2,000 construction companies, 67% said that they would fail a health and safety inspection if they were to be called on in that moment2. In addition to this, nearly a third of construction companies were found to not be meeting ISO standards for Health and safety measures.

These shocking figures show that many of these deaths and injuries could be prevented, but to do this, companies need to take responsibility for training their staff to acceptable levels. Without proper training in areas such as working from height and using ladders, these injuries will continue to occur at worrying rates.

To make sure that staff are trained, more knowledge needs to be held about when training is required and when to renew training courses. Making sure that this is kept on top of will ensure that staff are always vigilant in the workplace, keeping others out of danger and removing risks.

On top of the more in-depth courses, such as Health and Safety in the Workplace (RQF) and Principles of Workplace Risk Assessment (RQF), individuals can also complete short, e-learning modules to refresh their learning and ensure that all risks are minimised.

The construction industry inevitably comes with some risks, however if we can get the right training and knowledge to each individual in these workplaces, then these risks can be minimised as much as possible.

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