Why choose us?

As an employer, you will need assurance that you have selected an appropriate training provider. You will therefore need to check that they meet the standards in a number of areas (due diligence). All training providers should be prepared to demonstrate that they:

are competent to deliver first-aid training;
have qualified trainers;
teach relevant course content in the correct way;
have the necessary quality assurance systems in place.

Where you select a training provider offering regulated qualifications you will not need to do any due diligence to satisfy yourself to their competence.
They operate under awarding organisations who are recognised by qualification regulators (Ofqual the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) and the Welsh Government) and have dedicated policies and quality assurance processes.

Infinite Training Solutions Ltd are accredited by 2 separate OFQUAL approved awarding bodies that cover all the courses that we offer. Our quality assurance processes are second to none and our trainers are subject to regular and comprehensive monitoring visits to ensure that they train to the high standards that we expect of them. We pride ourselves on being open and transparent, ensuring that regulatory bodies, trainers and clients have access to the information they need, when they need it. 

Our Trainers

Jacki Adair

Senior Trainer/IQA


Rachel Anderson

Chris Anderson

Dean Townsend

Brian Evans

Stephen Byrne

Rob McManus

Nigel Coppenhall

Tim Monger

Marlene Van Lookeren Campagne

Dave Powney

Ossie Rodriguez

Lindsey Lappage

Michael Bilsby

Ray Chisholm

Mark Harris

Fred Leouedec

Ash McKiernan

David Draper

Steve Barnes

Martin Williams

Helen Saw Hutson

Glyn Barwick

Neil Murray

John Cutter

Senior Trainer/IQA


Darren Hardy

Rob Powell

Pauline Bett

David Parry

Malcolm Dewhurst

Kirsty Douglas

Amanda Chase

Chris Tinkham

Stuart Noakes

Dean Townsend

Tim Setter

Chris Bennett


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