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Simon Brake

Hi, I’m Simon

…company director of Infinite Training Solutions Ltd. A little bit about myself. After years of experience working in the pubic sector as a firefighter based just outside Bristol, I have learnt that one of the most important aspects of personal and working life is developing the confidence to enable you to be successful at what you choose to do.

As a Firefighter, I have worked in a highly pressurised environment for over 20 years and during that time, developed the skills required to take control of various situations such as the importance of team work, confidence in my own and others ability, respect to myself and others, my own limitations and how to overcome these, and realising that you are a lot stronger than you think you are!

When I started as a firefighter, part of my role led me into training colleagues in various subjects such as Breathing Apparatus, water rescue, safety boats, Health & Safety and trauma care. In order to pass these skills along, I moved into education and training and after 7 years of freelancing and developing my own business, I now work with like minded trainers and companies providing training courses nationwide to business and organisations alike.

I still train now and again but prefer a more overseeing role, which allows me to carry out my firefighting duties, spend time with my wife and son, and run the company.

I pride myself and my company on providing the right type of training for the right person, developing their confidence and skills to allow them to be able to achieve the desired outcome for themselves, their employees and their businesses.

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