Being prepared for an accident in sports or activities is largely important for the safety of those around us. But when these sports and activities take place in environments that are a far distance from hospitals and towns, it is paramount that extra attention is placed on this training and knowledge.

Outdoor and adventure sports, such as snowboarding, sledding, and hiking, are associated with the highest number of injuries requiring visits to A+E. Most of these injuries involve the head, neck and limbs, with 6.5% of all of these injuries being diagnosed as traumatic brain injury1. Brain injuries within outdoor sport are most often a result of incorrect use of equipment and so can easily be avoided with the proper knowledge of safety gear. However, despite the large quantity of individuals affected by outdoor adventures, not enough people are being trained to deal with these situations and know how to keep others safe.

Being outdoors, large and even minor injuries can be life-threatening if medically trained individuals are not nearby. With hospitals and pharmacies often miles away, it is vital that the correct training is provided to individuals in order to help those in need. Outdoor First Aid training is fundamental for those working with groups running outdoor pursuits and can teach individuals how to support a casualty for up to 2 hours; essential for if you are far away from any medical help.

Outdoor First Aid training teaches individuals a wide range of skills that could be paramount in the unfortunate event of a medical emergency. These skills include:

• First aid for the outdoors environment
• Casualty management
• Unconscious casualty management
• Resuscitation Inc. children, drowning, avalanche
• Immersion in water
• Choking
• Wounds and Bleeding
• Medical conditions
• Head injuries
• Fractures
• …And many more

To conclude, outdoor and adventure activities may be a place of living life to the full, but we need to ensure that we are not doing this without the proper training in order to avoid risking the safety of ourselves and others.

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